Wednesday, 24 September 2014

fluid pretension

It's interesting that, for the past two weeks, the bad guys have, in the end, turned out to be the Doctor.... with the plot only properly resolved when he himself realises that this is the case...

Let us imagine Moffat kidnapped....his place usurped by a clique of continental philosophers.....

In  our new world, there are not many villains, but one.... in fact all bad guys, all the good guys, all surroundings, the whole world in its' entirety, are but a momentary manifestation of a fluid, polymorphous, all pervading 'other'*.

The 'other' is a constantly changing landscape over which the Doctor flows and is shaped and defined and this 'other' is in turn shaped by the Doctor, an external reflection of his interior - each shaping  the other until, in a Hegelian sense, we are unsure which is master and which is servant.

The narrative in which he walks is a Lacanian mirror against which he views himself.

Five  episodes in and the the list of reflections seems extensive already. Here's the ones I've got, but I'm sure I've missed some:

Made and remade with all purpose lost
Family forgotten
One who not would trust their own face on another
Moral certainties undermined and corrupted
The soldier without a gun
The impossible reality of legend
The last survivor of a race... or maybe not
The deepest desire - the resurrection of a race
The unseen and manipulative architect
Unaware of his own motives
Reliant on the conscience of others
The man running from his own fears under the bed....

(*I know that there was an 'Other' in The Cartmel Master Plan - I don't want to talk about The Cartmel Master Plan....)

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