Monday, 22 September 2014

monster mash

If you ignore the Robin Hood nonsense, we've had four good episodes in a row. I'd have to look it up, but that's probably not happened since 1967. I mean I don't want to overstate things, but it is Doctor Who being what it's supposed to be: a bit scary, a bit confusing, a bit funny, a bit silly......So, I don't know .....It's unsettling really.......I don't know what to say..... I'm going to retreat back into the comfort of moaning about the baddies:

I've long thought that the villains are treated very badly by Nu-Who, with once proud warrior races reduced to saucy amateur detectives and comedy butlers and so on. This wasn't  that bad, but I do wonder if they  fumbled it a bit with that eye-stalky monster. Indeed, it's a bit like that dinosaur turkey thing they had in the Van Gogh episode, you kinda wonder why they bothered with a big rubber suit when anything would have done as long as it moved the plot along. There must be a million ways to vaguely suggest that something is a 'mind-reader', so why lump for that silly, slimey thing, especially in episode which demanded such cool and slick sets, lighting and cinematography....?

A different approach to the filming might have saved it. They managed it well with that thing in the haunted house last season. It was basically a man wrapped up in a mouldy grey carpet, but at least he was kept in the dark, with fast, distorted cuts and brief glimpses. Here maybe they could have pulled the eye-stalky thing back to the shadows a bit, wrapped up in a fishtank in a spacesuit, lurking in the bowels of the building. Having it wander round upstairs in the bright light of those cool marble halls completely jarred with the whole stylish Ocean's Eleven vibe.

I'm fed up with guest-star villains as well. Familiar folk should be banned from turning up and twirling their mustaches and wiggling their pencil skirts whilst they digest the scenery. Why can't we have a villain we genuinely can't tear ourselves away from? I'm not asking for Gus from 'Breaking Bad'... no actually I am... yes, a villain of quiet intensity please, not one who has swallowed a crocodile's alarm clock in search of a magic lamp.

Imagine if they'd made Alex Kingston a proper baddie? One where you did genuinely think she might actually kill him....

But the villains are neglected - often no more than incidental plot devices... because it's all about HIM of course... which is kind of what I've been skirting round really....

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