Thursday, 13 November 2014

"Who wants to live forever?"

Let's return once again to 1968 my friends... let's send good companion Clara Oswald back along the timeline in our stead... The job is naturally hers, for there are profound messages and glimmers of destiny to impart to a small and frightened ten year-old boy.

Here he sits silently hunched before his flickering television set one Saturday evening, watching Cyberman epic 'The Invasion':

Clara: (whispering quietly in his ear) "Small boy, do you see the bold soldier on the screen before you? He of the trim moustache and military vigour?"

Boy: "Yes I do..."

Clara: "Well... one day it shall come to pass that he shall be a great leader of men - a defender of the Earth, dispatching the very Devil himself with five rounds rapid fire."

Boy: "Gosh....That certainly sounds exciting..."

Clara: "Oh it shall be young man. I can promise you, much action there is to come....and he will become  a great figure in the life of the Doctor - even getting his own Sugar Smacks pin badge..."

Boy: "Wow.....I shall certainly ensure that mother gets me one of those"

Clara: "But wait.....for like all old soldiers, in the end he shall fall after a lifetime of service to his cause and he shall be remembered with honour and dignity."

Boy: "That is certainly sad" (sigh)

Clara: "Sadder day, near half a century in the future, a very bad man will contrive to tear his rotting bones from the earth, wrap them in a metal suit and parade them through the streets once more, like the relics of a medieval saint, held aloft for the fervent to gain some kind of tenuous reconnection with the past".

Boy: "Crikey.....That sounds most disrepectful..."

Clara: "Worse still, they will strap rockets to his boots and fire him at a CGI airplane.... for naught but entertainments sake.."

Boy: "That is terrible... I will not let it happen... In fifty years time I shall write to the Radio Times again if I have to . It is too much to think of the memory of this proud and noble man dishonoured in such a way... I shall not stand for it...!"

Clara: (cackles): "Oh you will stand for it.... you'll stand and salute it, my clever boy..."

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